Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wish List

Ever had someone ask you what you would do with one wish?
Now, I don't want to get all deep and meaningful here. I'm not talking "world peace" kind of answers. No, I'm talking things that would make life easier or more fun. Just something you WANT, versus something you NEED.
What would my answer be? I wish I could blog telepathically.
Ridiculous? Yes. Would it make my life a lot easier and give you a lot more posts of much greater substance? Yes.
Let me back-track for a second. Here's my writing process... I generally get struck by an idea, mull over it for a few days, and then pre-write a draft in my head. It happens most when I'm in the tanning bed or I'm giving Bimmer her bedtime bottle and am trying to fall asleep and clear my head of all those other yucky things that could muck it up, like worrying about work. Or laundry. And a lot of the time, by the time I get around to actually putting pen to paper (finger to keys???) I've lost some of the initial pizzazz.
I always come up with much fancier words in my head than when I sit down to produce.
So... what would you spend one frivolous wish on? Is it as stupid as mine?

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