Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 52 - Week 34

A little list this week...
* I put my fingers in my mouth after every bite when I eat. Yes, still.
* I am getting my two top front teeth. There's a little gap between them. It's adorable.
* I am obsessed with Daddy's flip flops and can sniff them out from any room in the house. I just want to get them in my mouth!
* I babble a lot (like always) but when I get upset, I definitely make sounds that are very close to "Ma Ma."
* I am content to play by myself now sometimes. Just dump out a truckload of toys on the living room floor and let me go!
* I dance now to music or when Mommy and Daddy sing to me. I just bounce up and down. I got the moves.
* I am working on figuring out that darn sippy cup. I just can't quite get my head tilted back far enough to get much out. But I'm trying!
* I had to get my flu shot booster this week. I just giggled. I'm a rockstar.
* I also had my first fever this week, following that flu booster. We're not sure if it was because of the shot or because of my double ear infection.
* I have figured out how to pull myself up to stand. Watch out world!

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