Thursday, January 24, 2013

Business Trippin'

Not long after I started my new job, I got word that I would be sent to Charleston in January for a conference.

I was pretty stoked. The last "conference" I attended was my senior year of high school when we went to a statewide weekend for members of the Future Homemakers of America club. ::Rock star::


We stayed at a decent hotel downtown and I could see the water from my room. No complaints here.

The first night included lots of alcohol, and a lobster-crab gratin with parmesan mashed potatoes and hush puppies from a cool place called Coast. On the company's dime. ::winning::

Don't worry - we did some good too! We did a community service project at a children's home. After the you're-at-a-conference-mandatory-boxed-lunch, I headed down to the market to do a quick shopping spree for a few souvenirs. I snagged Puff some pralines and Bimmer a cute little t-shirt. (Gosh darnit - why are even cheesy tourist t-shirts so much cuter in baby sizes?!?)


After a little bit of lounging, we all got dolled up for a cocktail reception and surf & turf dinner. (Probably wondering where the "conference" part of this was at this point. Yeah, me too. Again... not complaining!) Our team did awesome. I'm still dreaming about the little goat cheese and rosemary tart that came with our salad.
There was some drinking and dancing that night before the next day, when we finally got around to getting down to some business. Let's just say that sitting through sessions isn't really my idea of a good time. Nor are team building events with people I've never met before. I got called out in the very first session as they were describing how to read people to know how to sell to them. He said that I looked like someone he would trust to do his taxes because I was organized, have their act together kind of person. I'd say he's a pretty good judge of character! He nailed it right on the head!
Our team building event was cake decorating, which turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. A low country boil, a few hours at the hotel bar with new friends, and one last night solo in bed rounded us toward home in the last day. Oh, that last day was rough with classes that seemed never-ending. But getting on the road and getting home to my baby before her bed time? That was priceless! And it definitely made me realize that I'm just not ready for travel without Bimmer. Maybe when she's older and being a brat. But not now. Nope... this kid is totally going with me everywhere I can possibly take her!

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