Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bimmer's First School

Our 2013 started off with a major life change... Bimmer started daycare!
It was so sad to say goodbye to our nanny. She had become a part of our family over the 3 1/2 months she was with us. Don't worry... I went over the financial situation 92,703 times trying to figure out a way to keep her and make it work. But alas, getting Bimmer into a nursery was the right move. Just a tough one.
So... on January 2nd, Puff and I woke her up at 7am and sat her straight up in bed to get ready for her big day. She immediately slumped back over. ::sigh:: Can't wait til middle school! Then when I asked her if she was excited about daycare, she glanced at me with a glazed-over look and gave me a fake cough. Drama queen!
Dropping her off went smoother than I had expected. Puff went with me, since he thought I would cry. (I'm proud to say I didn't!) Bimmer didn't cry when we left her, but I found out she had a bit of a rough morning. Apparently she calmed down once they gave her a blanket to play with. She has loved peek-a-boo since she was about 3 months old. (Yup... my little over-achiever!)
The second day, two other little girls were already there when I dropped Bimmer off. Both wearing Ralph Lauren. ::insert eye roll:: Bimmer jumped right in to the giant pile of toys and promptly snatched a toy straight from another girl's hands! Yikes! Here's hoping Bimmer doesn't turn into the class bully. But she was so enthralled in the toy keys and Winnie the Pooh car they had (yeah, she's Puff's daughter) that she didn't even notice me leaving the room. When I picked her up that second day, the teacher was holding her and she was fussing. She was just super hungry. Can't blame the girl! The whole figuring out what she needs to eat at "school" is difficult, since she was never on a schedule at home. But seeing as she had about 15 ounces of formula in the 3 hours once she got home that night? Yeah, time to rethink what she's getting during the day!
After two weeks at "school" - yes, that's what we call it - she was definitely on a schedule. Morning bottle, lunch with a bottle, and afternoon snack. She was also getting better on napping, which makes the nights a heck of a lot better! I know she is learning things too from being around other kids... like feeding herself finger foods and waving. We still have a ways to go on the whole morning drop-off routine, but it will come in time. Just gotta look at the exciting parts of her being in school. Like the fact that she will get spring school pictures!
And this first piece of artwork is making my uterus hurt!

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