Friday, January 4, 2013

One Last Celebration

Since we knew the extended family would go overboard on gifts for Bimmer, we decided to keep our gifts to her relatively low key. In fact, we kept gifts to all of us low key this year. There was just one bag for Puff and one bag for me under the tree as well. We waited until the weekend after the holiday, so the chaos would calm down and maybe Bimmer would forget about all the other toys she had gotten and enjoy opening these new things just as much.


And yes, Bimmer decided she was so excited about her jungle car toy that she would pull herself up to almost stand on it!


Since I know you all wanted to see what kind of boxers Puff rocks, here are some of his new ones. One pair has gnomes. Who could resist?


And the reason there was only one bag for me under the tree should be pretty clear... it was a Coach purse! I am the antithesis of the girly-girl who likes to go shoe and purse shopping. So I typically grab up some reasonably decent looking $30 bag about every 18 months and carry it until it's literally falling to pieces. Puff convinced me it was time to upgrade to something more reliable, so I helped pick out a nice, neutral Coach purse. From the outlet, of course. I couldn't justify the retail prices at the store in the mall!!!

We opened our stockings too. I started the tradition of Bimmer getting an ornament each year that will get boxed up for when she moves out and has her own tree. I would say she likes this idea.


Puff got a Starbucks card and some candy while I got a Green Day CD and Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes! No argument from me!

As much fun as this Christmas was, I am definitely happy it's over. Now I can get my house back in order and get on with our normal routine. Stay tuned for a future entry, I'm sure, about the massive panic attack this pile is causing...


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