Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Bucket List

Now that the holidays are behind us, it's time to start prepping for all the fun ahead of us in 2013!

To keep us on track, I thought we needed a list. You know me and my lists! OK... so a Family Fun Bucket List was a necessity for this year. I'm not including all the stuff we normally do anyway... hikes/nature walks, BMW Auto Show, Coon Dog Days, State Fair, trips to The Fort to visit family, and fun times with friends. No, this time, it's all about the things we haven't done, have been wanting to do, and putting off for way too long. Including those things we were purposely holding off until Bimmer was old enough to enjoy them with us!

What will your family be doing this year?!?
  • Visit Upcountry History Museum
  • Take Bimmer to the zoo
  • Buy a kiddie pool to go swimming in the backyard
  • Family vacation to the beach (Update: The first 2 nights of this have been booked. Now to figure out where to go for the rest of the trip!)
  • Family vacation to the mountains
  • Hollywild and/or Riverbanks Zoo Xmas lights
  • Trip to Sassafras Mountain (the highest peak in SC)
  • Drive part of the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Visit the NC Arboretum
  • Make a craft project with Bimmer

P.S. I asked Puff what he wanted to add to this list. His first suggestions were "Less blogging" and "More fun, less lists." Pardon me while I stick my tongue out at him and ask him if he wants me to put "less time pointlessly looking up cars I won't buy for at least the next 5 years" on here. He's no fun!

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The Fischer Family said...

Lots of camping (including Yellowstone and our first rodeo) planting a garden for the first time, 10 year anniversary trip for Steven and I, and lots of other fun we haven't even thought of yet. I'm a bit preoccupied with Yellowstone!!!