Saturday, January 5, 2013

Project 52 - Week 32

Even though Bimmer hasn't even existed for a whole year yet, she got to celebrate her first new year's eve!

Or well, she got to sleep through the neighbors insane amount of fireworks and snuggle with Mommy. Best. NYE. Ever.

She started daycare this week, but there will be a separate post all about that.

So what milestones did we reach this week? Well... she has started sleeping much better through the night. (Although not in the crib yet. I'm being so selfish and loving our nightly cuddles.) And we have upgraded to the size 3 diapers. (Which should have happened weeks ago based on weight. I didn't want to waste them!) She also has grown leaps and bounds in picking up food and feeding herself. I still break the yogurt bites in half though since they're pretty big. Oh yeah, and she learned how to shake her head "no" at daycare too. Of course, she has no idea what it means, but that's her new trick!

Really, that's about it. Just a week full of cuddles, giggles, gurgles, and gaining speed in the crawling department!

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