Monday, March 5, 2012

A Pregnant Hike

Last February, I rearranged my work schedule to guarantee having Presidents' Day off with Puff.

We took the convertible out in the 70 degree sunshine and enjoyed spending some quality time with each other. (Read about that day HERE.)

This year, of course, I didn't have to rearrange anything. The schedule was solidly booked... A long weekend with my hubby. The weather was cooperative enough, but not nearly the gorgeous warm day that I had hoped for. Alas, I am not in charge of controlling the weather. No matter how hard I try! So, we settled for sunny and mid-50s and headed to North Carolina.


Our first stop (well, after several stops to pee... pregnant bladders do not make good travel companions!) was a slight turn-off to view the Connestee Falls. The new boardwalk they had built prevented us from getting down to a good vantage point. But we had the place to ourselves, it was conveniently en route, and it was an easy few steps to see something pretty for ol' fatty over here.


Speaking of getting fat, this was our lunch at Rocky's in Brevard, North Carolina. The town is adorable, if not slightly nauseating to get there. (I'm sure there's gotta be a back route, but we always go up and over the mountain on these super windy roads!) Our cute little waiter at the soda shop diner made the hot dog suggestion, so I had to go for it. I topped it off with a super yummy chocolate malt, while Puff had a root beer float and a fried peanut butter & banana sandwich.

(Which leads me to a totally different topic of Puff informing me that he has trouble spelling the word "banana." I pointed out that Gwen Stefani spells it for him in that stupid "Hollaback" song. He wasn't so sure. He thought she was just saying "anna" over and over again there apparently. He's so cute!)

Our last stop was on the way back to SC at a place called Hooker Falls. We had been to Triple Falls before, which is the same river, but a hike up-stream instead of a "nature walk" down-stream. Puff told me to be sure not to call it a "hike" since it was along a fairly flat gravel path. He never wants me to get any credit for my hard work in nature! Ha! But dammit... I took my 26 week pregnant ass down that path (and down a fairly steep hill) to get up to the falls. Puff had been unsure about the "cool quotient" for these falls, since he hadn't been there before. But we were both pleasantly surprised. And it was a good, easy excursion for me to handle.


On our way home, I mentioned that even after almost 4 years together, and countless trips to waterfalls, hikes, and the mountains in general, that I was happy we could still find places to discover together. Now, we just can't wait to share those with Bimmer!

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