Friday, March 16, 2012

Flash Bulb Friday

When did I know that Puff and I could get married and live happily ever after?
Once we survived a week in Ireland together.
We had only been dating about 10 months when we hopped the pond to drive ourselves around the Emerald Isle. I tediously planned our trip with a spreadsheet loaded with directions, B&B info, attractions, maps, links to websites, restaurant recommendations, etc. Somewhere in the middle of the trip, we found ourselves taking a route on a basically unmarked road that came straight from a "Drives of Ireland" book I had gifted Puff that Christmas. It was the one and only time we got lost.

And boy were we lost! Since our directions were basically just "follow the river until you get to town" we were screwed when we realized we had somehow veered away from that path. We flagged down a very helpful person in his car who got us back on track. And then when we came to a dead-end and just chose to go left for the heck of it, I got to yell out the window to some old ladies on the sidewalk. "Is this the way to Lismore?"
"This is Lismore!"
Talk about embarassing! But c'mon... it's not like there was some giant neon sign that said "Welcome to our tiny rural Irish town!"
Anyhoo... Puff likes gardens and I like castles, and I like anything that is photogenic, so Lismore Castle fit the bill. The family still lives and uses the castle, so we couldn't go inside, but we got to stroll through the gorgeous gardens that were just in bloom, since we were there in April. It was a wonderful stop... even if I figure we were the talk of the town after questioning those old ladies on our whereabouts.
Just another fun travel story I'm sure we're bound to never forget!

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