Tuesday, March 20, 2012

30 Down, 10 to Go

For some reason, crossing the threshold on the 30 week mark seems to resonate the most with me. I've been in the third trimester now for a few weeks, but something about that 30 just jumps out at me. Probably because now I know that there is a distinct possibility she could arrive before I hit 40... which is only TEN WEEKS AWAY!!!

Bimmer has definitely turned into quite the wiggly one lately. Just like her mama, she can never get comfortable! One night she kicked me so hard I thought she might just burst through. And she's started this awesome game of "press a random body part into Mom's stomach as hard as I can and then drag it across Mom's stomach, freaking her out." Puff's caught a few times when my stomach is just moving around on its own. It's really quite creepy.
But so damn cool at the same time!
I suppose I passed my glucose test, since I never got a phone call asking me to come in for the 4-hour monstrosity of a follow-up for gestational diabetes. Perhaps all that sugar I've lived on all my life has built up my tolerance. ::shrug:: Now I've just got to get plugging away on finalizing her pediatrician and her daycare. (Don't get me started on whether or not we really will need daycare... but I've got to be proactive and get her on a waiting list at a few places!) The thought of all of that stuff makes my head spin. So I try to focus on how much we are going to love and dote on her once she gets here, not the grown-up worrying about how we're going to pay for everything and re-arrange our lives to make it work.

I've also started getting the occasional Braxton Hicks contractions. They don't hurt and they're not uncomfortable, but they definitely did freak me out. (Thanks, Miss, for making me feel normal!) I just had no idea you could have those so early in a pregnancy! Alas, until they are rhythmic or painful, I suppose I will just let them go. And pray this baby bakes for as long as possible. But not longer than necessary... because we are super anxious to meet her!

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