Saturday, April 26, 2014

Family Visitors

From The Bungalow to my parent's house in The Fort is about seven hours. In the car. After living in SC for so long, I'm totally used to the drive. But that's my max... no further. When I was in college, I used to make tons of pilgrimages back home each year. As the years have passed, the frequency of these visits has slowed down significantly. Since Bimmer was born two years ago (almost - yikes!!!) we have been home 5 times. And the only reason for that extra visit was to see my Grandma before she passed away. Nope... I'm strictly on a two-visits-per-year plan right now.
I want to spend my vacation days on vacation. Sue me. So I made a very strong ultimatum with my dad and told him that if he wants to see Bimmer more often, then they need to pack up their asses and come visit us every once and awhile. (To be fair, we also invited them to Gatlinburg with us last year, and they declined. So far, same with our invite to join us in Hilton Head later this year.) A spur of the moment visit was scheduled and at the start of April, they were at our doorstep.
It was a wonderful visit. While there were moments where I wanted to smack them upside the head (that always happens with family, doesn't it???) Bimmer had a wonderful visit with her Mamaw & Papaw. She is at such a fun age where she wants to hang out with them and has no trepidation of being with them and me not being right next to her.

There was lots of playing. And eating. And chatting. And more playing. And booger wiping. And more eating. I needed a break from their visit for sure and just wanted a nap! (Stay tuned for an upcoming post about a super special fun day we spent at an animal park.) It's so amazing to see Bimmer with her grandparents. I had such vivid and special memories with mine. While I grew up seeing mine super frequently (as in, some of them every day) I know Bimmer won't have that luxury, so these trips are super important and special.
She's a lucky little girl.

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