Sunday, April 6, 2014

Friends When You Need 'Em

As a busy working mom of a rambunctious toddler, finding time to be a good friend is hard. I definitely don't have the time, means, or energy to do all the things I want to do with or for my friends. Yet, somehow, I still have some of the most awesome people in my life. I am blessed beyond words that they have hung around and stick it out with me right now. I know things will get better as Bimmer gets older. I need to get better about my friendships. I am fully aware this is one of my shortcomings at this season of my life.

But these amazing women? They're all around me. And they continue to bless me with even the most simple of gestures. Like Rach... whom I noticed on Pinterest had pinned a burlap wreath. I made a comment that I needed to hire her to make me one. Later that night, she was texting me pics of chevron ribbon options. And the next day, she had a finished product for me to approve. Are you kidding me?!? What did I do to deserve such a wonderful friend? She knew I had been wanting a new wreath, saw my "cry for help" and jumped on it. I had hoped to be able to make one myself, but the reality of that is I just don't have the time. Rach saw that I could use this in my life right now... yes, as simple and trivial as it was. I have a new wreath proudly displayed on my front door. And an awesome friend.


With my insane work and life schedule, finding time at all to see my girls is difficult. Kimhead and I try to make a point to see each other every few months. So on a random March Saturday, we found a day we were both open and decided to meet halfway between our homes. Puff opted to work in the yard that day, which meant it was the first time I took Bimmer outside our town on a trip! Yes, it was only an hour from home, but still. It was a bit monumental. We had lunch, shopped, and hung out in a small town square in a rural SC town for a few hours. It was just the break we both needed in our lives to catch up and get back in touch.
I do feel bad about all my girls back in The Fort. I miss them desperately. But sometimes trips home are short and unfortunately, visiting my grandmother and other things tend to take priority. I am hoping to sometime soon get a trip booked back up where it's just me. (Or just me and Bimmer.) That way I can schedule a girl's night out and catch up with those wonderful women who have been with me through thick and thin since high school... or earlier! I love you guys! And miss you desperately!

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