Tuesday, April 8, 2014


As one more component in my effort to dress more like the mom I want to be portrayed as (read about that HERE), I've decided I need to ramp up my accessories. My entire life, I've been sorta bi-polar about them. When I was little, my mom always had me wear earrings. I tried it again in college, but found in the real world, where I was sometimes on the phone, they bothered me too much. I wore rings in middle school, but then never did again until 2009 in Waterville, Ireland, when Puff bestowed upon me a Claddaugh ring as a promise that we would get married. I still wear that on my right hand, with my gorgeous sapphire & diamond engagement band on my left hand. Nope... no wedding band. That was just one more thing I didn't feel I needed in life. Necklaces... that's an easy way I can accessorize that doesn't get in my way. That's my ticket.

For the longest time, I had three go-to pieces in my necklace collection...

One is a cheapy fake diamond that came from my best friend to wear in her wedding. The other is a Celtic cross I got in high school while on a trip in Amelia Island, FL, and it reminds me of my favorite place, Wesley Gardens, in St. Simons, GA. Yes, I love it so much that I have an enlarged version of it as a tattoo. The third was my jade fish hook I got in Hokitika, New Zealand. I purposely got a very dark shade so it wasn't so in-your-face-green. The cord it's on is sorta strange (and looks cheap) so I usually only wear it when I'm sporting a collared shirt and my hair down. (And yes, I have a Maori fish hook tattoo as well, just not this exact one.)
But since last fall, I've been making a very concerted effort to add some color and variety to my necklace collection. It seems to be growing pretty quickly. Here are a few of my current faves...
Turquoise & pink ones from boutiques in St. Simons, GA, and the white one from Pick Your Plum

Pink one from Banana Republic, Small Aqua from Lily Pottery, & Large Aqua from Banana Republic

Silver & Gold from Charming Charlies, Gold with navy & teal from LOFT
Bimmer also wants to get in on the action too. One morning, she said "Dee Dee pity neckiss" - translated to "Dee Dee pretty necklace" - so I gave her one of the old costume necklaces that had been my grandmothers. Of course I didn't think about the string being super old and fragile, so she busted it in a hot second. After that, I was determined to find her one she could play with. About a week after that, we were at an Osh Kosh store and I saw one that was navy and aqua and was on more of a ribbon than a string, so it looked harder to break. She wore it for a few days straight after we bought it. Such a prissy little girl we have here. Maybe I can take some cues!

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