Friday, November 8, 2013


Last year for Halloween, I went round and round on whether or not Bimmer needed a costume. She was only 5 months old and I didn't think it was really necessary. But then I bit the bullet and decided that this holiday is pretty awesome when you have an adorable baby girl to share it with. So, she was my sweet little bumble bee last year.
This year, I was super hell-bent on her being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. However, when I saw the costume options for her age, I was disappointed. They didn't look anything like the real thing! Yes - I'm totally the mom who would put her toddler in a midriff baring top/vest with booty shorts. Because, seriously, how cute would she have been? So, since that didn't work out, and I imagine this is my last Halloween I get 100% say in the outfit, Puff and I decided the next best thing would be a garden gnome.
We had planned to take her to a local children's Halloween event, but we got there and the line was about a mile long. (No, seriously.) I figured she's still young enough to not really care or understand, so we just went back home and took more cute photos. I was insanely surprised that she kept her hat on for her photos!
I love this kid.
Don't fret too much though over her lack of trick-or-treating... she did get to partake in a trunk-or-treat at her school's carnival, which included a bouncy house. Unfortunately, I had to work that night, but Puff stepped up. He said she had the best costume and was the cutest kid there.
Not that we're biased or anything.

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The Fischer Family said...

BEST.COSTUME.EVER!!! Right after the midriff baring booty short Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader costume! Don't worry...there are a lot of Halloweens in her future..I'm sure you can get it on her eventually :-)