Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Another Year Gone

Puff turned 36 this year. Gosh, he's so old! ;)

For a family that always has a plan, we were lacking this day. It was a gorgeous fall morning so we hurried along and got through the gift opening... a pair of khakis, two books, and cards from both Bimmer and I, and then we hit the road to the mountains. We hadn't been on any leaf hunting adventures, so we took advantage of a quiet Sunday to enjoy the gorgeous blue skies!
We hit up Twin Falls and Table Rock in South Carolina. Bimmer loved walking along with her daddy on the trails.
I'm a wee bit jealous of his fall birthday (versus mine in the dead of winter.) It was the perfect day to spend time as a family and celebrate another year together. Another year older and wiser for Puff. Well, at least older.

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