Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Walk It Out

Being a parent means having to constantly shift your list of priorities. It used to be easy... work, family, friends, health, travel. They all had their proper spots. I was able to see where everything fit. But now, with Bimmer, I am finding it's not so simple. Of course the big important, monumental things like her health and safety are at the top of my list. Everything else, just sorta fits around her.
One of those things that has seriously fallen by the wayside is exercise. Now, I never was big on it anyway. I much prefer a big ol' plate of brownies and a Project Runway marathon. However, I've been known to drop a few pounds and ellipticize with the best of them. Now? Mr. Elliptical is just a dust collector. And it needs to change.
And it does. In spurts.
So, one thing Puff and I have worked into our (almost) nightly routine is something that throws some importance toward a little wee bit of exercise, but also factors in some family time and some fresh air... evening walks.
Even in the SC heat, we've found that most nights after 7:30pm, it is pretty tolerable. Bimmer loves to be outside, so it's perfect. She happily chills in her stroller for the most part. Although sometimes, she wants to be a big girl and walk with Mommy.
It's during these walks that Puff and I spend the most quality time together. Walking side by side, with Bimmer entertained by her surroundings, we are able to have adult conversations. In fact, it's been the times recently where we hashed out really important life-changing things like additions to our house, and our family. Otherwise, had we been sitting at home, we would have been rotating who entertained Bimmer, while the other person did the dishes, and the TV would have been blasting "Sofia the First" in the background, to get stuck in my mind for days.
It makes me even more anxious for fall. Right now, we take a walk anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the weather. With nicer days, we can wander farther. The insanely nice ritzy neighborhood that is a few streets over always makes for good dreaming and conversation. And it's on these walks that I just fall more and more in love with South Carolina. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Not for now, anyway.

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