Saturday, September 21, 2013

Project Runway

There are tons of times I find myself wishing that Rowdy lived in SC, versus Oklahoma. For a number of reasons... one being that she's a good friend and it's been way too long since our schedules have coordinated to see each other. Past that, I wish I could go shopping with her. Or make that, let her go shopping for me. She has always been the fashionista of our group of friends and it's really a wonder she ever wanted to be seen in public with me. Now, I'm not a "What Not to Wear" candidate or anything, but the "Fashion Police" would certainly dub me as someone who is still trying to find herself when it comes to fashion. I just prefer to be comfortable... is that such a crime?!?
So... after working a year with so many girls who just out-cute each other day after day, I decided it was time to start revamping my wardrobe. I'm back (roughly) to my pre-baby weight, and I'm just not realistically going to get any skinnier, so the time is now. For fall. Now, I have plenty of nice pieces from LOFT, J. Crew, and Banana Republic. It's not that I'm schlumping around in totally crappy clothes. I just never feel trendy or on-point when it comes to fashion. It was time to vamp it up a little bit.
I started with two new shirts from a local boutique....
Puff was out of town when I wore these to work, so I had to take selfies of myself in the bathroom mirror. I will say I got a lot of compliments on my outfits both days. Now I need to work on getting some better jewelry to wear with them to finish off the looks.
A stop at Old Navy yielded a few $3 sale t-shirts (they're casual and comfy, but I suppose they look a little more put together than a t-shirt with a gnome on it) and a gray cardigan (a must have always, right?) but I also came home with these...

Totally out of my wheelhouse, right?!?! Unless you count the denim shirt I rocked years ago in the early 90s. I saw them all over stores and then I saw several cute girls wearing them in Facebook photos, and then a co-worker even wore one with some black dress pants to work and it looked so cute. I thought I would try it out. Oh, and those skinny jeans? I totally need to go buy them in every shade they make. I am just excited that my boss doesn't notice when we wear black jeans to work, so I can get away with it and it feels soooooo good!
Oh, and when I stumbled on this shirt at Carter's for Bimmer, I couldn't resist...
To wrap up my current fashion splurge, I looked to Boden. I had never heard of it until we randomly got a catalog in the mail for their kid's clothes. And I fell in love. They're a British company, so their style is much more European than anything I would normally jump at buying. I loved their mix for Bimmer, so I started looking at their website to score her some clearance items. My fingers wandered over to the ladies clothes then, and I had to throw a few things in my cart.

I'm still not 100% sure about them all, and maybe they're even a little safe, but they're different enough for me to be proud of myself. I'm hoping they can all become fall/winter staples for work.
Now we just need to get working on my shoe collection. It's honestly pathetic. Anyone want to volunteer to help with that?

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