Tuesday, September 17, 2013

All Decked Out

Ever since we painted the dining room at The Bungalow (HERE) I have had a bug up my butt about wanting to tackle my next must-do decorating project... painting the living room.
Gag me with a garnet & gold spoon!
But then Puff got laid off, and we were uncertain how long we would have to adjust our spending. I made a promise that it would be our "reward" for once Puff was back to work. Because I'm certain he wanted nothing more than that to celebrate. @@
Thankfully, Puff was only out of work about 5 weeks and then he was shipped off to Michigan for training. And that meant a lot of days alone entertaining Bimmer, a lot of which was on our deck. That was when it hit me... I had to make a grown-up decision. The deck needed to skip ahead to the front of the "spend money on me" line.

It had been a few years since the deck was pressure washed and sealed, and our giant oak tree coupled with lots of summer rain, had made it look like Kermit puddled all over our play space. Those two patio chairs also weren't going to be a deterrent for long for Bimmer. I could envision her crawling under them to get down the steps to freedom.
We placed a call to our handyman and he was out within a few days. Even after the initial pressure washing, it looked brand new. (So did our shed that he also did!) Yup... my gut had been correct. Giving Bimmer a clean and safe place to play was worth the cash. And now we can all look forward to spending lots of time out there the next few months now that the heat of summer is slowly starting to wear off!


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Steven M Fischer said...

Very nice! We love spending time on our deck in the summer. It's just another "room" in the house!