Monday, July 8, 2013

Rushing Life Redo

A few months ago, I randomly stumbled across a list of blogs that were recommended for moms. Now, we all know I totally pimp YHL and Bower Power pretty regularly over here. I'm also a huge fan of The Bloggess. A little bit of humor thrown in the mix of some DIY that I will never try to replicate. I want to emulate these amazing ladies, yet also keep my own "Gail flavor." However... when I read that article, I found a new blog that just blew me away.
It's not a family that you would think would intrigue me right off the bat... five kids, one adopted from China with a cleft palate, living a rural life in Oklahoma, homeschooling, crafting, thrift store shopping. Their home isn't decorated in any way that I would want to decorate mine. They raise chickens, and I scoff at the idea of a dog. However, I can't stop reading. And I can't stop wanting to make Rushing Life much more like her page.
Problem #1? I'm not a professional photographer like she is. BUT, BUT, BUT... I take a lot of pictures. Maybe it's time to start being more conscious of what I am taking, try some new things, and share a lot more. Maybe it's time I put to use the Photoshop I just had to have when I bought my new laptop two years ago. I've never even opened the program. But beyond just the amazing photos, I love the look of her page. It is inspiring.
I'm not making any mid-year resolutions to reinvent the wheel here or anything, but I have definitely caught the bug. I am definitely hoping to revamp some things around here. Let's add it to the list of things "Gail wants to do to better herself and her life" that is always growing and evolving. My top life priorities are to get my scanner fixed (so I can work on a massive photo project I should have accomplished while I was unemployed) and catching up on my scrapbooks (because I'm still somewhere in a December-2012-no-mans-land and it's bothering the crap out of me).
I'm open to thoughts and suggestions. A little redecorating never hurt anybody, right?

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