Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Celebrating our Independence

I've never been a big fan of fireworks, even though growing up, we always went out to see them on the big "firework holidays."
And (thankfully) Bimmer is still too young to notice that we conveniently skipped them this year. In between the breaks in the rainy long weekend, I dressed Puff and Bimmer in their best red, white, and blue and headed to a local park armed with a flag to get some photos. Even the holidays we never used to celebrate are now worth a photo shoot with my cute baby girl!

The best part of this holiday weekend, however, doesn't have much to do with flags, and much more to do with hillbillies.
We are big fans of the Saluda, NC, Coon Dog Days festival and this year, we convinced Kimhead to drive up to join us. We had taken Bimmer last year, when she was only about 6 weeks old. She slept through the entire thing, including the wails and sirens from the fire trucks! This year was definitely different.
Bimmer *LOVED* the parade! She was waving and clapping at all the floats. She got beads (since mean ol' Mommy wouldn't let her have any candy) and was a super trooper in her backpack carrier through the crowds.
It seems like such a minor thing, but since Puff and I enjoy going so much to things like that, it warms my heart to see Bimmer enjoying life the way we like to live it.

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The Fischer Family said...

Love it!! Have you been to Hillbilly Days in Pikeville, KY? I want to go. It looks like a riot!!! And it seems like it would be right up your alley!