Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zoom, Zoom

After the Okra Strut and Pumpkintown Festival, we were ready for a festival of a different type...


Bring on the fancy European cars! As I am sure I've mentioned before, Puff is super into cars. He can barely keep his ADD in check when we're out for a drive if something cool drives past. So we were definitely anxious to take Bimmer to well, the place where her nickname came from... the BMW factory.


See... she even picked out a Bimmer of her own! In fact, she was pretty calm and cool the entire time, but when we got to the BMW section, she started chatting and squealing. She knows what she wants. (Good thing she likes the BMWs though, since our hope is to score a 3-series convertible in a few years!)

The show was better this year than last and the weather was so perfect. I was actually a bit sad, since I had picked out a cute sweater for her to wear, but she didn't need it. Although the highlight of the day for Bimmer was grass.

Yup. She's a simple girl.

It was the first time she had ever sat in grass, so she was loving the novelty. Most of my photos are of the top of her head!


And of course, we had to try eating it.

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