Friday, November 16, 2012

Call Me What?

On a recent episode of Kelly & Michael, (although I still always refer to that show as something to do with Regis) they were talking about a study regarding nicknames. Apparently women are a little particular about what they are OK with their significant other calling them. What does Puff call me? Eh... to be honest, most of the time he calls me "Caucasian." Sometimes he throws "sexy" in front of it. Or "favorite."

I deal.

Now, it's funny that I have all these nicknames for people on this blog, yet I never call my husband "Puff" in real life, nor do we ever call the baby "Bimmer." Although we did when we were pregnant and didn't know the gender yet. But as soon as we did, we began calling her by her name. Oh wait... I do actually call "Kimhead" that sometimes. Usually while we're on adjoining aisles at Target where people can hear me and look at me like I'm nuts. I usually give them back the, "I know. Can you believe her mom gave her such a stupid name?" look.

I sometimes call my husband, "Sexypants." That was on the list as one of the names women do NOT want to be called. Have you ever actually heard someone call a woman that? ::shrug::

Over the years, I have dated a guy we affectionately called "Dipshit" and I tried really hard for "Kimfoot" to catch on, although it didn't. Only Kimhead calls me "Gail" but that was actually a nickname a few boys gave me in elementary school. Somehow, it just stuck. I used to nickname kids I worked with at day camps... "Topher" and "Squirtle" come to mind. And growing up my dad always called me "Pumpkin."
I will be interested to see how Bimmer's nicknames change as she grows. Puff usually calls her "Girlfriend" and I tend to call her "Sugar Butt" or a mash up of the first part of her first name coupled with the second part of her middle name. I figure that will be less embarassing to her in the future than hearing her mom call her "Sugar Butt" in public. (Although, trust me, what comes out of that butt is nothing close to sugar!)
Did you have any funny or crazy nicknames growing up? Did you use code names when you passed notes in middle school like "Yankee" and "Scooter?" Do you call your kids anything that will embarass them when they're older?
My dad recently got me a sign that says "Pumpkin" on it. Perhaps I need to get one that reads "Sexypants" for Puff to put on his side of the bed. Ya know, so there is balance in our bedroom decor.

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