Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Boy!

I am married to an old man.

Puff just turned 35. THIRTY-FIVE!!!!


Bimmer gave her daddy a very sweet card, and we even had her hold a pen to sign it. (Yes, I realize I am ridiculous!)


On top of the BMW car club membership we gifted him, Bimmer also gifted him with a book about a truck that he had been wanting so he could read it to Bimmer. With having the baby, we didn't want to go over the top and waste money on crazy gifts he didn't need or wouldn't appreciate. Plus, we didn't want to spend $30+ on a babysitter plus the cost of a fancy dinner. So we just grilled some steaks at home and had awesome family time. Puff said it was exactly the way he would have wanted to spend his birthday.


The MIL came to town then that weekend and we headed to the mountains for a quick nature walk with the baby to check out some of the trees. I always say the first weekend in November is the best time for leaves in the SC/NC mountains, but we found that it was almost a little past peak. I blame the lack of rain, but what do I know? I failed out of meteorology school. (Ya know, like I ever went to meteorology school.)

Minus some drama with the MIL's visit (she casually ignored the fact that she was only invited for one night and stayed for two), it was a pretty good 35th birthday for my hubby. Sure, we had originally thought about going to Hilton Head for a fancy car show, but sometimes, plans change. And spending a birthday at home with our little family was just right. We'll have plenty of years to travel. But not many to snuggle our baby in the comfort of The Bungalow.

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