Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dining Design Dilemma

Puff and I are currently living with this dreaded situation in The Bungalow...
That's right, we have a dark garnet dining room. As you may have read (HERE) we've already remedied this situation in our bathroom and painted it the ever-so-fab Sherwin Williams, Intellectual Gray. Well, that plaid wallpaper you see in the distance in the kitchen is about to be taken out to the trash and freshened up to the same gray color.
Now my dilemma...
What color do I paint the dining room? Because, Lord knows, it is not staying that retched color!
For one second, I need to pimp the show, "Color Splash" on HGTV. Their brilliant product placement lead Puff and I to a recent Sunday afternoon paint chip adventure to Sherwin Williams. They've got this new line where they have like 15 colors picked out in themes (Rustic, Coastal, Etc.) and no matter which colors you pick, they all match. The not-quite-100%-confident designer in me was thrilled! Especially since the dining room is a transitional room between the not-quite-mustard living room (which will eventually be lightened a bit. It's almost the ceiling color in the photo) and the grey kitchen.
I had intially thought white would be the best. But now we're batting around a light blue-grey (which has always been a dream color of mine) or a more khaki color. Decisions, decisions. But don't fret... the second we've got updated photos, we will be sharing. A fresh white ceiling and a new light fixture from West Elm are in the works as well!
Any color suggestions from the Peanut Gallery?


Rachel Price said...

First off I LOVE love the garnet...but that's just me. haha
If you are keeping the table and the painting I would do the blue gray color. Especially if the kitchen is going to be gray and the living room will eventually be lightened. I think it will be light and airy and possibly have a calming effect.

The Fischer Family said...

I agree with the above comment. Since the kitchen is going to be grey I would go with the blue-grey and tie the rooms together without being too matchy-matchy! Good luck! I hate picking paint colors!