Friday, July 15, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

When Puff and I realized our cruise would be taking us to Helsinki, Finland, I think we were both excited about the prospect. However, once we got to the planning out what to do stage, we realized there wasn't all that much there. It wasn't crazy historic and there wasn't any cute old town. We were, however, determined to make the most of it.
Eventually, we had to visit the Lutheran Cathedral on Senate Square in the heart of their downtown. It's one of those iconic places in the city and it didn't disappoint. The gorgeous blue sky was the perfect backdrop for the stark white cathedral. The inside was ho-hum and boring (nothing like the Russian Orthodox churches from the previous day) but nevertheless, we're glad we hiked up all those steep steps to check it out.
We'll probably never go back to Finland, but at least we documented we went.

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