Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm a Travel Nerd

Puff recently forced me to sit down and watch a TV show that I wasn't so sure I would like. The Halogen channel is a bit of a hippie, weird network that I frankly, didn't know existed. But then we found "Word Travels" and I need to take a second to pimp this awesome show!
Taken from their website, this is the gist: "While travelling to exotic locations and writing about enlightening experiences may sound like an adventurous occupation, the life of a travel writer is not always as glamorous as it seems.  WORD TRAVELS is a TV series that follows freelance journalist Robin Esrock and national travel columnist Julia Dimon as they battle deadlines, jetlag, culture shock – and each other – to file the best travel stories possible. Filmed in 36 countries across six continents, each half-hour episode of this 40-part series reveals the real story of professional travel journalism – the truth behind the byline."
But what totally rocks my world about the show is that they go to DIFFERENT places! We've seen episodes in the Yukon of Canada and then to Lithuania and another to Latvia. (This show inspired me to plan a future trip to Vilnius and Riga!) While I love Samantha Brown and a lot of other Travel Channel shows, I just get sick and tired of being forced into believing the only places worth visiting are Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Paris. (God, I hate Paris.) Or that somehow, poker is a relevant travel-based game.
Take a chance. Set up the DVR to catch an episode or two. And hopefully you'll be as inspired as we were to branch out a little bit. Even if our branches were already a little bit more stretched and bent than most peoples.

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