Monday, July 11, 2011

Show 'Em Some Leg

I like to push the envelope.
Why? Because I'm pretty much convinced I can never be wrong. I blame it on being an only child.
My latest crusade? The mini-skirt. It's not for any particular reason, other than Puff and I were recently at the outlet mall and I fell in love with a navy skirt with a zipper up the back. Sadly, they didn't have my size, but J.Crew is genius in having their "factory" items available on line each weekend, so I was able to rush home and snag that puppy!
Now I'm debating whether or not it's work appropriate. Perhaps I should've thought about that before plopping down $40 on this skirt and a subsequent $30 on a shirt that just looked SO CUTE with the skirt. Minor details. I've always had a bit of an issue with the whole "work appropriate attire" schtick. I distinctly remember my first grown-up job that required me to not wear the shorts & t-shirts I had relished while working through high school at a summer camp. I went to Old Navy and bought what I thought was OK. No one ever said anything to me about it, but in hindsight, that jean skirt with skin-tight halter top (worn with no bra, mind you) probably wasn't the best idea.
Over subsequent interim jobs in the years immediately following college graduation, I found myself on two different occasions, with two different bosses, having the "your clothes are not to my liking" discussion. Still, to this day, I think they were a little ridiculous. One instance had a male boss telling me you could see my "midriff." Um... Sir... I have a nice little muffin-top thing going, so I'm pretty confident you're seeing things, since I would never, not even on the beach, show off my stomach. Mandatory fleece vests were issued shortly thereafter. I then made it a point to wear sleeveless blouses the rest of that summer, under my ugly fleece vest, so that it looked like I wasn't wearing a shirt. One point for me!
The next boss was just an overall bitch and hated me from the get-go since I would stand up to her if necessary. (I will interject myself for a second to state that I have always been, and always will be, a dedicated employee who gets her shit done.) She didn't like my shoes (open-toed sandals = flip flops to her) and I was showing too much clevage. (Hey... sometimes, it's hard to reign these girls in!) But I was wearing polo shirts and khakis and dress pants with blouses. I didn't understand her concern. Shortly thereafter, mandatory uniforms were implemented. These uniforms included "slouchy socks." When I came to work a few times without said "slouchy socks" I was confronted. When informed that I did not own such outdated attire, I found some on my desk the next morning. One point for the crappy boss. Boo. (She was replaced shortly thereafter and the uniforms went out the door with her.)
I've gotten a lot better over the years since I've been at my current job, yet I can't help but slip up sometimes. Like the day I didn't realize my cute new wrap-dress was WAY too boobalicious until I was already sitting at my desk. (Or maybe I did realize it but didn't care since the girls looked so good!) Our entire female staff force was called into HR once to discuss showing too much chest and about visible tattoos. Um... could it have been any more obvious it was a meeting directed at me? Since I'm pretty sure the 65 year old lady next to me isn't rocking any low-cut shirts! Although my tattoo is 90% hidden on most days, which falls under the approved corporate guidelines! Thankyouverymuch!
Perhaps it's rebellion or just a little bit of ignorance, but I haven't really changed my wardrobe. I would, gladly, if they included a clothing stipend in my salary. On the flip side, I also don't think seeing a little bit of camisole peak out from the top of a button-down, very work appropriate, blouse is the end of the world. I keep the tube tops for the weekend.
But maybe I'll save the mini-skirt for a Monday!

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