Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm No Betty Crocker

If I'm posting this, then it means Puff and I successfully survived Pure Michigan. Although I'm pretty sure that the crazy-ass rural, one-blinking-light part we saw was NOT featured in that commercial. Such false advertising!

So, I know you're not used to coming here for recipes or anything, but I've found a super yumm-o cake that is pretty much Gail-proof. And that's a hard feat. Plus, it's butterscotch flavored, which is one of those not-everyone-likes-it flavors that I just happen to drool over!

What do you need?
1 box yellow cake mix
1 4oz. box of butterscotch pudding (cook & serve, not instant)
1/4 cup vegetable oil
Cream cheese frosting (which I've found is the best combo)
Chopped pecans & butterscotch chips (for garnish)

And it's crazy ass simple too! Make the pudding according to the box. Dump the cake mix in a bowl & then top with the pudding. I usually stop stirring the pudding before it gets too puddingy (still sorta liquid) and you don't have to wait for the pudding to cool. In fact, DO NOT wait for it to cool or it will jack it up! Then throw in the oil and stir.

Once it's all smooth, pour it in a 9x12 pan (I think that's the size... have you realized I'm doing this from memory? LOL!) You know... the rectangular one! And bake it at 350 degrees for 35 minutes. Once it's cooled, plop on some icing and put the pecans & butterscotch chips in a pretty ol' pattern on the top!
Word of wisdom: I attempted to make this in cupcake form and it did NOT turn out too great. They were much drier than the cake normally is. I've made this cake before and still been eating on it almost a week later and it's still moist! Can't beat that!

Happy baking!

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I am so proud!!!! :)