Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remember to Stay Hydrated Too

Before Puff and I jetted off to Europe, I had a very spirited conversation with one of my single girlfriends. She shall remain nameless, so as to not force any embarrassment on her. Although if I were her, I wouldn't be embarrassed, but rather, damn proud of myself. Ha!
So... she's got this new man in her life and they just had their first real date. Apparently it was a GOOD date, since they ended up back at her place to snuggle up on the couch. Well, we all know that grown adults don't usually end a good date with snuggling, so commence the make out session!
As she's telling me this story, I'm internally rooting for her. I'm hoping for that next step. We all wish our girlfriends good lovin', right? Well, her story took a sharp left turn and I'm pretty sure I literally fell off the bed in a fit of hysterical laughter when she told me this... that when they stood up off the couch her body hurt and popped. I can't remember what hurt... her back or thighs or what. OK, so I know it was her thighs at some point because I remember having a wink-wink-nudge-nudge moment when that was spilled.  
Between the tears, I got to thinking... are make out sessions after age 30 dangerous? Muscles don't work like they used to and I'm certain we're not as limber as we were 10 years ago. And don't even think about sitting in an awkward position or laying on a hard surface. The body just can't handle it anymore!
The mental image of my dear friend, standing in her living room, arched with her hands in the small of her back, rocking her neck from side to side, just makes me giggle. Maybe she'll learn her lesson. Next time, she better stretch first!

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