Friday, June 10, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

For the foreseeable future, my Flash Bulb Friday entries will be pictures from my fabulously wonderful trip to Scandinavia with my dear husband. I'm sure you won't mind.
Today's picture was from our second full day in Europe, in the area of Nyhavn, in Copenhagen, Denmark. We started the day early and walked the lonely streets from our hotel to this tourist area. There was a slight nip in the air, but it was nothing a stop at a bakery to gorge ourselves on pastries didn't fix. An early morning canal cruise, complete with an adorable pre-school group who screamed whenever we went under a bridge, dropped us back in Nyhavn. The sun was just high enough to be illuminating the colorful buildings, yet it was still early enough that the stores and cafes weren't open, so it was quiet and tranquil.
There's something to be said about being up early and taking in someplace without hoardes of tourists. It's one of my favorite things about my marriage to Puff... we're both early risers, and we've been able to capture some beautiful, peaceful, moments alone in the busiest of places. Copenhagen included.

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