Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Regular Homebody

Being gone for two weeks means a lot of things can freely fall to the wayside. No work. No bills. No laundry. No cutting grass. Although, when you return, magically, all those things are still there. And they've piled up. All those bills are now due at once. There's laundry overflowing from baskets and suitcases. And don't even get me started on the yard. We're officially THAT house in the neighborhood.
Yet, I've found myself almost relishing in the domestic life since we've gotten home. I didn't mind dusting the house... or rather, watching Puff dust the house. I didn't mind dishes or laundry. I even folded it and put it away in record time! I've been OK with plopping down on the couch after work instead of exercising or running errands or entertaining Puff. Writing new blogs isn't a chore and uploading and editing photos has been a welcome distraction.
Contentment comes to mind. I'm completely, 100% content in my life. I suppose it took being away from our cute little house and our ho-hum daily lives to realize that all those chores aren't that bad after all. Although, most people would pounce all over that last statement and say that our lives are anything but ho-hum. Yes, they're probably right. But right now, we're relishing that ho-hum style for awhile. And soon, our house will be back in order and our yard will be beautified (updates coming soon on our flower planting expedition) and we can start worrying about our next adventure.
Because, really, I'm already ready for another vacation!

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