Friday, May 20, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

This past March, Puff and I had a romantic weekend in Highlands, NC. (See here) But it wasn't the first time we had ventured to that part of the world. The summer of 2009 marked one year of putting up with each other's bickering. Er... no wait. I'm pretty sure we spent that summer madly in love and trying out new things and going new places. Yeah... that sounds about right!
So, yes, the summer of 2009 left more time for Puff to come up with more extravagant dates and trips for us to take. On the brink of me pushing his bachelor days out the door (aka: Gail moves in to The Bungalow) we had a brilliant, long, and exhausting day trip to the mountains of NC. Waterfall after waterfall. Hike after hike. We ended our day here, at the Lower Cullasaja Falls.
Dodging cars on windy mountain roads just to stand on a narrow strip of an overlook to snap this picture, I could not have been more content. Those days of rushing around to see as much as we could see were priceless. Puff was still trying so hard to impress me after dating for more than a year. And I'm happy to report, that even after a year of marriage, he still continues to surprise me.

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