Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm Taking Over!

Gail is out of town! Which means I am in control! Well, as much control comes with having writing and posting privileges on Gail’s blog anyway. She and her Puff are safely in Europe and on a very large ship, cruising around Scandinavia. As I write on her blog, it is going to be odd to refer to her hubby as Puff, because when I write about them in my own blogs I call them Gail and Beamer… so if I mess up on the naming, forgive me.

I can tell you all that they arrived safely in Europe for their anniversary trip. Being the over-organized person that she is, I could tell you exactly where they are right now, because she left me a fully detailed eight page itinerary of where they would be, what they were doing… even where they were planning on eating. Gail and her Puff, they never leave things to chance… always have to plan everything out. I am a ridiculously strong J on the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and even I am not that organized!

I will be writing periodically on this blog and the guest manager, for lack of a better term, for the next week or so. She has left some pre-written blogs that she wants posted on certain days, so I will be getting those up. I will be sure to distinguish what her blogs are from the ones I am posting. Also, Gail is a huge morning person, where I am very much a night owl… so all posts that happen while she is out of town will happen in the evening, not at the start of the work day… hope that doesn’t bother anyone!

Well, have a lovely evening folks. I am nowhere as witty as Gail, but I will try to keep it mildly entertaining while she is away.
-         Kimhead, guest blogger extraordinaire

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