Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Dirty Approaches

As I mentioned last week, Kimhead is testing out being 30 for the rest of us. In her sacrifice for the greater good of the group, she's had a bit of a mental struggle with it all. While I'm not with her every single day, leading up to it, there were lots of panic moments and Facebook comments about the freak out. I can't say I blame her. It's a giant milestone. Although she has reached it beautifully and in tact, so I think she should be proud of herself!
However, with the passing of her youth (kidding... calm down) comes the inevitable countdown to my 30th birthday. A mere 8 months from now, I will hit a benchmark I've never really put much thought into. Or well... at least I never THOUGHT I thought about it.
But I guess I probably did. We all have goals in our lives and things we expect to accomplish. While I never intentionally put a time frame on these big moments, I probably did somehow. I never imagined I wouldn't get married until I was 28. And the thought of not having children before the age of 30 didn't even seem possible. Yet, here I stand... 8 months from the cliff and no pregnancy in sight. Not to mention the career goals I had! And the dream house in my head! Shouldn't I be making 6 figures by now? And shouldn't we have a huge, giant, custom-built home with a 2 car garage and more bathrooms than we could ever need?
I guess not.
Turning 30 isn't the "death sentence" it used to be. I hate to reference Hollywood actors as a viable comparison, but they're a wonderful microcosm of our society. Women in their late 40s are looking hotter than 20 year olds. Plus, they're having babies well into their late 30s and early 40s. Maybe this is one time we should take a cue from them... that being in your 30s is the best time there is!
We've gotten all the craziness out of our system. We've gone bungy jumping and binge drinking. We've gotten degrees and stable jobs and our finances in line. We have lived and learned. We've slept with that scuzzy guy and dated a giant jerk. We have much better baby names picked out than we did at 20. We know what we need and what we want and we have lived enough to know the difference.
As I go off now to ponder a "bucket list" for life, I can feel satisfied in knowing that just because this major birthday is on the horizon, that doesn't mean I can't look forward to all the great, amazing things that are ahead of me. Living to be 30 is only living a third of our life. Think of all the amazing, fun, and exciting things we've done up until this point.
Now multiply it.
Because you've got many more years ahead of you than behind you. And just picture how wonderful that ride will be.

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