Friday, May 13, 2011

Nasty, Nasty Boys

Disclaimer: This is a repost from yesterday. Blogger got all goofy and deleted yesterday's entry. Woops!

Can someone please help me comprehend how boys/men can get so dirty and leave such a mess and be completely oblivious about it?

Case and point... recently my husband was dutifully mowing the grass. I heard him sneak in the house for a second, but didn't think much of it. A few hours later, I peaked out the back door to check on him and noticed two giant sets of muddy fingerprints on my door. Both inside and out. When he walked over near the door, I asked him what happened to it. He walked right up to it and was looking at all the corners and crevices trying to find something wrong. Those giant glaring fingerprints, right at eye level, didn't even occur to him until I pointed them out. Seriously?!?!

I knew little boys were programmed to like to play in dirt and leave their toys scattered around. But shouldn't an almost 34 year old man notice something so blatantly off? Ya know... like dark brown muddy fingerprints on our bright white door? Or perhaps his blatant disregard to take out smelly trash simply because the bag isn't totally full should have tipped me off? Or those empty plastic bottles hoarded in the back of his kitchen cabinet, just in case, that I found when I moved in? Or the never noticing when he has food dripping down the sides of his fingers and on to his clothes or the table? If I saw that man pick up a bottle of Windex, I might just have a heart attack.

I don't mind cleaning the house, most days. Probably because whenever he's spending countless hours in the heat mowing our grass and trimming bushes, I feel guilty and clean up inside to do my part. I don't expect validation or a pat on the back for a good job. I just would like some.... help? Perhaps some help in not creating messes? Or not being glassy-eyed when it comes to seeing all the dust accumulating in the corner of the laundry room floor? Would it really kill him to pick up that Dust Buster every blue moon? I swear he's a bright, intelligent, and typically observant man. How can he spot a sports car from a mile away on a busy highway, but doesn't notice the spider web on the deck that keeps reappearing every morning but he never knocks it down?

I'm probably preaching to the choir here. I've only been married a year. It's bound to get worse, isn't it? I fear so. Oh... and the prospect of havings sons in our future? Wow. I used to think I definitely wanted to have boys. There was no other option. But if having sons means multiplying the oblivious humans in my house... maybe I'll start praying for a girl.

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