Monday, May 2, 2011

Eye Candy

Puff and I have been married just shy of a year, but we still like to go out on dates. I had recently mentioned (somewhere) that I wanted to throw out some more "useful" tidbits of life in this blog from time to time. I figure since I'm a happy newlywed, that somehow qualifies me to give advice on marriage, right? Just take it all with a grain of salt. (As if you didn't know THAT tidbit already!)
So... advice column numero uno is going to focus on taking time for a date. Even if there isn't really time for one. Sneak it in there whenever possible. Our most recent "sneaking around" occurred one work day when all my co-workers in my department were enjoying a few days off for Spring Break. (I've forgotten what that is!) I figured what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them. So, I drove a half hour to Puff's office and picked him up for a hot lunch date.
I know what you're thinking, and no, there was no "funch" happening this time around. I didn't want the car to smell like sex all afternoon. But there was some sexiness involved. Because where would a young, happily married couple drive a half hour to eat?
Yup... orange shorts and big boobs Hooters.
And seriously... my boobs are SOOOO much better than some of theirs! (And Puff was happy to point that out as well. Thank you, babe!)
I think the fact that it was someplace "off limits" made us feel that much more rebellious. Puff has occasionally tried to get the guys from his office to have lunch there over the years. But then the guys always back out, stating that their wives wouldn't like them going. I'm sorry... but we're in the 21st (right?) century now. And have some trust and faith in your husbands! They're just going to LOOK. What's the harm in that? If there was a Beefcake Bistro with super hot guys that all look like Jason Statham or Zac Efron (shut up - he's legal and has hot abs) then I'd be wrangling my girls to go there with me!
And Puff wouldn't be able to say a thing about it. Eye candy is there to be enjoyed... not avoided! ::sigh:: Women.
Our cute little waitress, Brittany, was attentive and fun and the chef nailed my fried pickles. Sure, Puff had to skip the beer he wanted, but we had a chance to get ourselves away from the stress of a work day, and enjoy some quality time with each other. Even if that quality time involved other women's boobs.
It's OK. He didn't touch any. I kept a close eye on him.

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