Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There's No Interesting Title Today

Last week was pretty busy, to say the least. And full of BS. Ha! Anyway, it pretty much left me tired and cranky. Oh yeah, and hairy. Since having to be at work at 6:30am doesn't really lend itself very well to shaving the legs. I became a master of the Holy Trinity of ho baths... hair, pits, and pubes. Poor Puff will be very happy to know life (and showering) is going back to normal this week. A big shout out to Katie and Trish for saving my butt and giving me awesome blogs to post in my absence. It's good to know you guys have my back!
I was told recently by a few friends that this blog isn't as open and interesting as the old blog I used to write. Well, probably because the old blog wasn't advertised out there for people to read and I would pretty much die if certain people ever found old entries! I think it really boils down to my job. I don't want anyone to have any ammunition against me that they could present to fire me. Anyway... so I'm going to try to make a promise to buckle down a little bit more and be a little bit more open and honest and air some more dirty laundry. I won't promise perfection, but I also promise not to write aimless entries about my favorite baby names of the moment or a minute by minute itinerary of a trip I've yet to even book.
I'll try to keep it at least somewhat interesting!

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