Friday, February 4, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

Last February, Puff and I ventured down to the ATL to visit the MIL. Our initial plan was to do some shopping, have lunch with friends, and then go check out the World of Coke with the MIL. She was in one of her moods, so she decided she didn't enjoy a tasty Coca Cola. Instead, we found our way to the Botanical Gardens on a beautiful almost 60 degree day. And it turned out to actually be the right call for a change.
I had never been there before, and of course, most of the outdoor flowers were not in bloom, but they had a fabulous orchid display and their large greenhouse. I loved the way the light was streaming in the windows of the large glass room when I snapped this photo. It's a reminder that hanging out with the MIL isn't always as bad as I make it out to seem. Sometimes.

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