Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why It's My Choice

Every once and awhile, having a backlog of filler entries to just post and run is a lifesaver. Today, you're witnessing such an act. I figured that not all of you may realize or understand the meaning behind the name of the blog. The site itself is "My Choice, Not Chance" but the title on the page is "Choice, Not Chance." The only real reason for the difference? Apparently choicenotchance.blogspot was already taken. Bitches and hos. Bitches and hos. (Or is it hoes?)
Anyway, I'm not 100% sure when or where I ever heard this quote, but ever since I first stumbled upon it, it's been my absolute favorite:
Choice, not chance, determines destiny.
I know that I was in high school when I first heard it, and part of me wants to fess up that it might have been on a piece of pottery at the Renaissance Festival in Ohio that I spotted on a freshman field trip. Regardless of its origins, something about it just hit a nerve and has held on to a part of my brain ever since. So when it came time to pick a catchy blog title, I just thought it was well-suited. I was presented with a chance to share my life with you, and then it was my choice to do so.
So much of life seems to be clumped into categories... something happened either by destiny/fate/the hand of God or it was a natural, human choice. I tend to see it all a bit more muddied than that. I like to think that the universe gives us all chances, but it's the choice we make with those chances that leads to our final outcome. I like to think I've got a little bit more say in my own destiny, but at the same time, like to think maybe there's something or someone a bit more powerful helping me out along the way.
Believe what you will. Take it for what it's worth. Enjoy it or not. Regardless, it just makes sense to me. And since this blog is about me, it seemed only fitting.

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