Friday, January 14, 2011

Flash Bulb Friday

After being stuck in a winter wonderland all week, I'm walking down a memory lane of warm weekends away at the beach. Even if I don't like sand!
This picture was taken on my first vacation together with Puff. We had started dating in June and went to Charleston, SC, for Labor Day weekend that September. We took the convertible and drove around with the top down. We hit up the beach, did some shopping, I tried scallops for the first time, and we slept at the most amazing B&B with the most orgasmic bed ever.
This was taken at Middleton Plantation, along the edge of the grounds near a marsh. The day was so hot, I almost passed out. And after waking up to a 16 degree morning today, I think I'd be OK taking a hot day along a low country marsh. If nothing else, it's much prettier than melting snow.

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