Monday, January 10, 2011


Last month, I completely lost faith in any meteorologist predicting snow. So when they kept taunting us with this huge snow storm across the south, I didn't really believe them. Especially since as the day wore on yesterday, the grand totals of accumulation kept plummeting.

Then I woke up today. To 6 inches of the white stuff. And it's still snowing. They're saying some places could see up to 9 inches by day's end... and then topped off with some sleet. Yee haw!

Needless to say, Puff and I opted to stay home from work. Except we're both pretty pissed that both our employers are not technically closed today, so this counts as a vacation day. Fucking ridiculous. Would they pay for our car repairs and medical bills if we slid off the road into a ditch en route to the office? I think not. It's good to know our employers really care. @@

So we're hunkering down inside today. I'm just thankful I have someone to keep me company and to play with so I don't get bored!

The view from our deck of our back yard

Looking down our street this morning. Think we could've gotten our little convertible up the road?

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