Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blunt Object

Ever since "You're Beautiful," I've been kinda sorta hooked on James Blunt.

I know, right? Totally doesn't seem like my schtick, does it?


But I'm a fan. I think because it is so different than what I normally listen to. It's perfect for a drive home when you just want to zone out, or when you're working and want some noise without necessarily wanting to rock out and sing along. (You do subconsciously learn the songs that way too, I've realized.)

So when the MIL got me "Moon Landing" for Christmas, I was pumped. I didn't, however, find time to even open it until the end of January. But the minute I threw it in my work computer on a Sunday afternoon when I needed to get a lot of shit done, I knew it was another solid output that I was crazy happy to listen to. I think my favorite track is "Miss America" but nothing is overly catchy, like there were a few on his last album. But it's totally a great album to put on at work and not find myself offending anyone!

Two thumbs up here, just as I give all his other albums. Just don't go looking for a lot of diversity in the sound... because, if I'm being honest, all the songs sorta kinda sound the same. Maybe that's part of the charm.

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