Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tik, Tok

You know how people tell you that eventually, your biological clock will start ticking?
Well, I'm pretty sure mine starting to tick about 5 years ago. And loudly.
Cue one failed relationship plus one successful one plus one happy marriage and all that still equals no baby. But don't worry, we're hoping it won't be long. Sure, I still pop that little pill every morning, but eventually, we'll be weening off that and thrusting forward (and backward and forward) trying to conceive a little snuggly, adorable, giggly creature. (I still have time to convince Puff that it's the cool thing to do!)
So... cue a super boring (or rather, procrastination-filled) afternoon at work and what am I doing? Yup... I'm researching car seats and strollers and baby bedding. But c'mon... isn't it adorable?!?!
Product Image Sumersault Geo Brights 10 Piece Crib Set - Multicolor
It even matches the palm tree paintings that are currently in our guest room! Oh, our future baby girl is going to have a styling room! (Did I already mention on this blog how we totally plan to do our son's nursery to look like an Irish pub? Yeah, we're going to be awesome parents. How many babies do you know with beer signs in their nursery?!?! Don't judge; We're trendsetters.)
::sigh:: Can you even imagine me when we do finally get pregnant? We'll have everything we could ever need for the first 3 years of life by the time I'm 5 months pregnant! Hey - never hurts to be prepared!
Update: Since I first wrote this draft, I've since discovered the Crate & Barrel family website of Yup - dangerous! So, here are Killian and Kennedy's future bedding sets. (Insert winky face!)

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