Thursday, November 18, 2010

Redecorating Redo

I thought I'd just let this be the week of redecorating here at My Choice, Not Chance!
Since I already posted about the baby stuff I'm researching when I'm bored, I figured I'd just continue it on with a little update on the visit we had from a realtor. A friend of a friend is a realtor, and much to the dismay of The MIL, she came over this past Saturday for a few hours to go over some things we could do to update the house and get it in shape to sell. We're still not 100% sure if selling will happen as soon as next year or perhaps not for another several years, but it's always good to get some input.

There was discussion of paint (the bathroom will become grey in the near future) and ceiling fans and such. But our biggest eyesore is our kitchen. The white cabinets are fine, but the plaid wallpaper is dated and the white countertop stains and scratches so easily. We had discussed putting up grass cloth wallpaper over the plaid and getting brownish-khakiish (wow, did I just create a new word?) granite countertops. The realtor, surprisingly enough, said she didn't think we needed to do granite. I never, in a million years, thought we could get what we hoped from our house without an updated kitchen. Regardless, we want to move forward with granite. Except... she gave us a great new idea!

Here is a picture of what she suggested to do instead of new wallpaper: bead board. I totally love it (since it sorta harkens back to the Nantucket Pottery Barn house I've always wanted) and supposedly it might be cheaper than new wallpaper. And we could go with a black granite counter instead, which would've been my preference all along. (I love black and white!)

So... I'm asking for feedback. You don't have to leave your name (you can post comments anonymously and without being members) and let me know what you think of the black counters with the white cabinets with the white bead board.

C'mon guys... it's time for reader participation day!


kimhead* maybe we should copyr ight that title said...

This might be easier for some of your readers if they could see a pic of your current kitchen so they could truly appreciate the need for something to go over the plaid wallpaper.

But, as someone who has been to your place a million times, I like the bead board idea....but would it be too much white... with the cabinets and all? Even with black counter tops? Where exactly would the other wallpaper come into play?

Gail said...

There is a pic of the plaid a few posts back with the car print. It's hideous. Anything would be an improvement.

Also, the bead board would go to the ceiling, so there wouldn't be any other wallpaper involved. AND... as for all white? There are hard wood floors, a mustardish colored ceilings and the room right next to it is garnet.