Saturday, November 27, 2010

Slackass Saturday

Did you like my witty new title for when I'm not around on a Friday to do my Flash Bulb post? It's like I'm a Wizard of Words!
Moving forward... since I don't have any photos of turkeys or Dallas Cowboys football games handy, I figured I would post a picture of something that makes me thankful. Confused yet? Really? Old ratty chairs don't make YOU thankful? What is wrong with America? ::sigh::
Puff and I took a jam-packed weekend tour of the Smokies in June 2009 to celebrate our one year anniversary of putting up with each other. We went zorbing (check it out on the InterGoogle - totally worth the $70 a person) and played putt-putt golf in Gatlinburg. We bought salt-water taffy and researched air-brushed t-shirts. (That shit's expensive!) And on the way home, we took the long, winding mountain roads and stumbled across a mill somewhere in the middle of no where. While we were walking about, I spotted this chair, and when I snapped this photo, it instantly became one of my all-time favorites. (So much so that it's hanging framed on the wall in our home office!)
But why does this picture remind me to be thankful? It reminds me of my insanely intense, undying love for Puff. We had such a great time on that anniversary trip and it was a total celebration of our relationship. It was fun and interesting and yet, goofy and cheesy all at the same time.
Which, basically, is us in a nutshell.

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