Friday, November 5, 2010

Flashbulb Friday!

Life has been keeping a sista down lately! Between having only 1 real day off the entire month of October, coupled with the mental drain of a visit from The MIL, I think it all caught up to me yesterday... while working day 11 of 12 straight. I came home sick at lunch feeling feverish, which ultimately dissipated and transformed into a horrific sinus headache. With all of this behind me (and Kimhead's move looming ahead of me this weekend) I am trying to find a happy place. And that happy place keeps landing on that trip to the Caribbean that I took this week, two years ago.

While this isn't necessarily the best or most interesting photo I've ever taken, I will never forget the peace of the moment when we were leaving St. Lucia and this rainbow appeared. It's no wonder St. Lucia is, by far, my favorite place in the Caribbean. Such great memories. Maybe I'll get to go back one day soon.

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