Sunday, October 3, 2010

Topless Tidbits

Remember when I mentioned that I wouldn't tell you where I lived because you might stumble across me naked in the window? Well, I was up before 8am yesterday and was in the spare bedroom drying my hair... not wearing a shirt. The window that faces the street had the blinds partially closed, but there weren't any lights on inside the house, so I figured I was safe. Well, at one point, I flipped my head up from being upside-down and there was a woman standing in our front yard (granted, she had her dog) squared to the window, staring straight at me. Now, I'm not sure what (if anything) she saw, but I definitely freaked.

I hope that made your day, lady, I hope it made your day.


Friday night, Puff and I were heading downtown in the convertible. It was a gorgeous evening, perfectly fall-ish, and of course we had the top down. Then this conversation occurred:

Puff: I hate when people own convertibles and don't have the top down.

Me: Ehh...

Puff: Although, this top isn't down (points to sky) when that top is down! (points to my chest)

Me: Since I ride around topless?

Puff: You would if you knew how to drive stick.

Two minutes later...

Me: I really should write that conversation down.

Puff: Because this top's not down when you're showing your boobies??

Sometimes, that man just doesn't make any sense to me....

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