Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Food & Friends... and more food...

To say we ate our way from one end of town to the other this past weekend is definitely NOT an understatement.
Rachel, Kimhead, and Lisa all came to town this past weekend for a long overdue reunion of sorts. We've known each other since our junior year of college (all those years ago) and finally were able to work it out to get all of us together in the same town. And it was fantastic!
Our weekend started off with a cookout at The Bungalow, complete with a homemade butterscotch cake. (Those of you who know me personally know that if I actually make anything from scratch in the kitchen, I expect a gold star.) Saturday took us to the mountains for stops at two historical bridges and a roadside apple stand. And then highlight #1 of the weekend... a festival. A festival full of FOOD. Harkening back to the line that started this blog, we literally ate from one end of Main Street to the other. And it took us several good hours to do so. Myself alone gorged on baked ziti, a Bavarian pretzel with spicy mustard, stuffed shrimp, and the best red velvet cupcake EVER. Oh, and strawberry cheesecake gelato to seal the deal. Others chowed on Indian food, chicken teriyaki, BBQ sandwiches, beef tips, cookies, funnel cake, lobster cigars, she crab soup, and fried green tomatoes. (Ready to barf yet???)
Following the glutony, we headed back to The Bungalow for highlight #2... watching a super exciting college football game. Our alma mater spanked their opponent, and we relished in our beer and company and thankfully didn't break anything. 3 1/2 hours later, we decided we needed more. A failed attempt to get a table at Outback lead us to Chili's where we each ordered a fried appetizer and mixed drinks and chatted and laughed and drank some more and embarrassed Puff and just had a grand ol' time! I am literally so blessed to have great friends like these, even if we live hours apart and see each other much less often than I would like!
It wouldn't have been the end of a weekend with us, apparently, without breakfast at IHOP on Sunday morning. Giggling and laughing and telling stories and jokes, we devoured our french toast, pancakes, and omelets before they had to get on the road. Hugs all around sent them on their way. Here's hoping it's sooner, rather than later, that we get to eat together again.

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Kim said...

I would like to point out that Lisa and I lived on the same hall freshmen year, so she can join you in making all those comments about my blonde years. Ick.