Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big, Fat Cow

Sometimes being a self-aware and, occasionally, self-conscious woman isn't always a good thing. Case and point? This past weekend. Puff and I headed back to The Fort for a beautiful wedding of 2 of my good friends (More on that later!) I was on guest book duty and took my role seriously. So, I figured I needed to look the part... presentable, cute, yet conservative enough for chuch. So I pulled out my most business-like fall dress, grey from Banana Republic, with 3-inch black heels, bright pink sweater (just in case), and mandatory trendy accessory - the skinny belt. And I felt hot and sexy.

Problem is, feeling hot and sexy doesn't necessarily equate to looking hot and sexy! Sure, Puff told me I looked hot and was all over me all day (as much as I'd let him be, anyway) but when I started looking at the photos, I couldn't help but pick myself apart. WHY DO WOMEN DO THAT?!?! Ugh... yes, there were bad photos, but I am by no means as big as I started to feel as the night wore on. Perhaps that vodka was making me fat instead of making the room spin? Just a thought...

The long and short of it is that from July 2009 to my wedding in May 2010, I lost 16 pounds. Yes, really. All without even changing a dress size. (Which is totally disheartening!) But since my wedding, I've gained back about 6 pounds that I just can't shake. And this past weekend, it definitely bothered me more than usual. So I get back to SC and start my regimine of counting calories and working out each night, but the workouts haven't been as intense as they were back in the spring, and those Milk Duds and by-the-slice pieces of cake from Publix aren't helping. Nor is the jar of Nutella in the kitchen cabinet or the helmet of Milky Ways on my desk at the office.


::sigh:: I'm going to pause here and aplogize for this ridiculously stupid, venting entry that is of literally no interest to any of you. I've got better ideas of my sleeve... I swear! Just roll with me here on this one for a second. The plan? More diet. More exercise. Less sweets. More crankiness because of lack of sweets. Hope Puff is ready to exchange his happy wife for a skinny one. Because I'm pretty sure that's the trade off!

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