Monday, September 28, 2015

Pinterest Reno

Puff and I struggle daily with the decision on whether or not to move or to invest in The Bungalow and make it larger. I am pretty sure my indecisiveness trumps the whole "do we want a second baby" dilemma by like twenty million times. I am stalking real estate daily, contemplating other neighborhoods, and searching for comp sales whenever possible. Just in case. On the flip side, my Pinterest page is covered with pins eluding to the fact that we may renovate.
If we did stay here, what would we do? Well, the plan in my head involves finishing our current attic space to house a playroom and a guest sleeping area. Then turning our current laundry area into a kitchen pantry and appliance area. And creating an addition with a master suite (with a GIANT walk-in closet) and a laundry room. Could I live through a renovation? That's up in the air. Anyhoo... thought I would share some of the ideas I've got floating around in my head. (All photos found on Pinterest)

Can you tell I have a pretty distinct style? One that is not currently reflected in my home? Thank you garnet couch. (Which I hate, but hides toddler stains and baby spit-up pretty magically... so it shall stay for at least a few more years!)

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